Drawing Attention to the Harsh Realities of Poverty

through Poverty Simulations


Can you survive  a “month” in poverty?


One of the most powerful tools CAPNEMO has for engaging the community in the fight against poverty are community Poverty Simulations. Through carefully designed curriculum, participants are placed into a “family” in poverty and asked to navigate the month in four 15-minute “weeks” using only the resources pre-assigned to their family and those they can utilize from community providers in the simulation.

This is a highly-energized, impactful experience, and the positive feedback toward understanding poverty is tremendous. Most participants are stunned at what it takes to make it when you live in poverty, and tell us that the chaos, isolation and hopelessness invades every decision.  The curriculum is carefully planned by Community Action leaders from across the state, and changes to reflect the current face of poverty.

Most people are surprised by what they learn at a Poverty Simulation:   

“I felt vulnerable, frustrated. I’m usually an organized person, but by the end of the first week, I was completely disorganized and nervous.”

“I had no energy left for the kids in my simulated family because I spent all day trying to get the resources we needed. I came home angry and frustrated. And they didn’t get what they needed.”

Want to host a Poverty Simulation for your organization or co-workers? Interested in volunteering at a Poverty Simulation? Please contact: 660-665-9855